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Hydraulic Planning. The management of hidraulic systems, the exploitation of existing hydraulic resources and the execution of programs and works aimed towards its optimization is a key element in the field of water…
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Dam and Reservoir Safety.
Dams are vital in the regulation of rivers, as well as to guarantee water supply and irrigation. In addition these are civil works of great magnitude whos rupture or breakdown could lead to …
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Water Supply, Sanitation and Irrigation.
The Iberhidra group has performed multiple projects, studies, site managements etc. aimed to create and improve water supply infrastructure, sanitation and irrigation as well as system interconnection conducts…
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Water resources.
The mutidisciplinary team of the Iberhidra group, has performed numerous quality controls, volume, exploitment etc. of the water resources both at surface level and underground of diverse watersheds throughout …
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Droughts and Floods
The drought periods in the last few years, together with ocasional flood episodes, require the development and monitoring of drought plans, research of potential flood zones and execution plans for both these scenarios…
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Water quality and the Environment.
Preserving the quality of water and of the environment is one of the basic goals of the organizations and companies specializing in the field of water. Within this scope, the Iberhidra group companies…
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Economy & Water law.
Hydraulic planning and water management require the development and application of legal and economic analyses which are offered by the Iberhidra group companies…
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Administrative records
The companies of the Iberhidra group offer technical, legal and administrative support which the Hydraulic Adminstrations require for the processing of the numerous administrative records which need resolving.
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R+D in the Water Field
Focused in the continuous improvement of the services offered in the field of water, the multidisciplinary team at Iberhidra and the companies of the group, have worked since its creation in the development…
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