Hydraulic Planning

The management of hidraulic systems, the exploitation of existing hydraulic resources and the execution of programs and works aimed towards its optimization is a key element in the field of water.

The founders of Iberhidra have participated in the hydraulic planning in Spain, both at watershed level and nationally since the 70s, and have always been, since its creation in 1993, present in the activities involved with hydraulic plans in Spain.

We are specialist in hydraulic planning projects like hydrologic plans, dams, irrigation networks, water supply networks, etc.


Iberhidra’s featured hydrological planning works.

Iberhidra is composed of a group of experimented professionals from different backgrounds forming a multidisciplinary team which has developed throughout decades projects relating to hydrological planning. To access some of our most representative works please visit our civil engineering portfolio.


Hydrological Plan – Guadalquivir

Trabajo de seguimiento del Plan Hidrológico de la Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadalquivir y de la implantación de sus programas.


Hydrological Plans coordination

Asistencia en la fase final de aprobación de los planes hidrológicos de cuenca en la coordinación del seguimiento de los mismos e implantación de sus programas de medidas.


Hydrological planning – Guadalquivir

Redacción de las tareas correspondientes al proceso de planificación hidrológica (período 2006-2008), preparación, realización y publicación de borradores…


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